Welcome To Woodstock Albums!

Welcome To

Woodstock Albums!

We are a local family business making one-of-a-kind wedding albums in California.

Michael Tyler Portrait

I'm Michael.

I like books and film and cameras, and what they can create. I spent more than ten years photographing people's most precious days. Now I build the books that hold those memories safe.

I believe in turning digital photos into things we can hold. I want the grandchildren of children to see and love them a hundred years from now, albums set on shelves and pulled down on special days to remember who we were and what we did today.


This is Cassie.

She handles the office while raising our baby and fighting for social justice. She's a suburban farmer. Her bumper stickers get her in trouble.

This is Simone.

Simone in Workshop

Our product durability consultant.

Simone likes bears, pears, jumping super high, and helping Dad in the workshop.

Simone in rocking chair

Sometimes she looks like Winston Churchill.

Just saying.

My father was raised in Woodstock, Vermont, by his grandmother who was also raised in Woodstock. We go back to the 1800s there. He built a house inside four acres of forest where my brother and I would grow up.

We are craftsmen.

My father made things. He fixed things. And some of the tools he used in his shop are still at use today in mine. There I am in the background between him and my grandfather.

Dad in the workshop

Living in the trees put a weight in me to see the resources my business consumes be used responsibly. We recycle, compost, and minimize electrical machinery, but more than that it shaped my choices in the products I create and the sources of their materials.

Dad passed away only weeks after Cassie and I met. She never knew him. That spring we traveled the coast of California spreading his ashes in happy places. Just like in his youth, Vermont is where he started and California is where he stayed.

Cassie and I married and now live in southern California, raising our daughter in the same house where Cassie grew up.

Our story is one of many. Woodstock Albums was founded to let lives be better remembered by the people who live them and the generations to come.

Begin to build your story...