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Triple set of blank albums

Three albums with their box

These unusual orders are fun. A customer inquired about a three volume set of blank albums to house the original prints of a friend who hailed in her early life from South Africa. To match the theme of that region she chose three different wood covers – ebony, macassar ebony, and a special wood called…

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Money Book!

money book

What good are teenagers if you can’t prank them back a little bit? This may not be writing Emanuel Kant quotations on his windshield in permanent adhesive unicorn stickers, but hopefully it will still get a smile out of my nephew. So our family does a blind gift exchange for Christmas. You get one person…

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One For The Books

Wedding album with gold edge gilding

Here is the album that will go down as 2016’s most memorable. I received a call this summer from the fabulous Arina Borodina ( who had photographed a wedding with special requirements for their album. It needed to be big, it needed to be brilliant, and it needed to be delivered ASAP. Because the client…

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