Archival Boxes

Custom-fitted. Double-walled. Built by hand.

The Solander box. Preferred for 250 years.

"Naturalist Daniel Charles Solander, who in the 1760s traveled with Captain Cook in the South Seas, constructed a book-shaped box to protect the records of the voyage. Solander's design has held strong for centuries and remains the method of choice for libraries around the world."

Set of Blue Leather Albums

Home Sweet Home

Solander boxes protect against dust, UV light, spills, bumps, kids, dogs, and possibly cats.

Box holding three albums

Fits Multiple Albums

A solander box can be built to hold any number of volumes.

Purple Brocade Album and Box

Made to Match

Choose our signature brown buckram cloth or any material you like to match your album.

Not just a box

It is your album's home... The interior of the solander box becomes a clean surface to view the album. Flip it upside down and it becomes a small table-top.

The purpose is to let the wedding album live in its solander box. You will see the difference in ten, twenty, fifty years. It is the difference between a beautiful old album and just an old album.


Opens Like A Book

The double trays and hinge mechanism ensure the box won't open unless you mean for it to. Need proof? Watch a three-year-old try to destroy a solander box.

The Stress Test...

Solander box vs. stairs, gravity, and a three-year-old human.

Who will win, the fury of youth or the time-tested durability of the solander box? What will become of the precious album inside?

From Michael:

The truth is we make next to nothing building these boxes. They are time-intensive to create, and are done all by hand. We do it out of pride. We do it because we believe in them.

If your album is meant for casual viewing then there is no need for a solander box. You can safely pass.

But if you, like me, think about what future hands will hold your album, what future eyes will see the photos for the first time, then a solander box will help those future people experience the album the way you do today, unbent by the passing of years.

In other words, it's not just a box. It's a time capsule.