Custom Cherry Wood Album

If you go back to a previous post, you’ll see my own wedding album was themed to match my wife’s green wedding dress

So when Susie contacted me about a cherry wood album for her recent wedding, I offered her the same option. Her husband’s suit and her boots (I love that they were boots) were a deep burgundy. Or bordeaux, or maroon, there are a million names for it. Pantone called it marsala. Anyway it was awesome, and I knew I could match it for the leather on the spine of their album.

Last year I did the same color for a friend’s album and it turned out lighter than expected. Dyeing leather is more art than science. This time I laid on about five coats of dye, allowing time for each coat to dry, in order to get a shade deep enough to match their outfits.

As a little extra, I lined the bottoms of their solander box with a matching laval cloth. It turned out pretty great.

Photography by Candice C. Cusic Photography at

Album with Solander Box

Album with Solander Box from an angle

Title stamping on spine of wood album

Closeup of title stamping on spine

Album propped up in Solander Box

Album on top of box

Full spread open in Solander Box

Spine of layflat album

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