I am an artist bookbinder who loves every day working in the shop close by to my wife and baby daughter. My business builds albums that are meant to be loved and held dear your whole life. If you don’t absolutely love your album, send it back and I will remake it for you.


I design and build every album from beginning to end. While doing this takes quite a bit of time, I promise you I work diligently to send out your album as quickly as I can. If you have a birthday or anniversary the album is meant for, please let me know so I can plan! And remember, the holidays are the busiest time for albums so ask about the deadline for ordering.


Upon placing your order I will send you a link to upload your photos. Your design will be previewed for you one to two weeks after I receive the photos. You can make any changes you like. Once you are happy with the design, approve it and the production of your album begins. Your album will be ready to ship on average within 3-4 weeks after you approve the design.


Leather is a product of nature and each piece is different. Your leather cover may feature small marks or scars the way nature gave it. And though this is all part of the charm, I still do my absolute best to work around these marks when binding your book.


Products can be purchased here in our Shop or at our Etsy page.


Q: Why did you name your business Woodstock Albums?

A: I was raised in Woodstock, VT, in the forest, in a house my father built. Sure I like Jimi and The Who, but the name has nothing to do with a particular concert in ’69.

Q: How do I send my photos to you after ordering?

A: I will send you a Dropbox link to upload the photos. Or if you have Google Drive or another online file sharing service, send me a link to where I can access the photos.

Q: What quality do the photos need to be?

A: You want to send the original photos. If they have been downsized for proofing or the web it will not work. Sometimes photos get squeezed smaller when emailed or texted between friends – these won’t look good printed. The original is what we need. If something is too small to print then I will contact you about it.

Q: How many photos should I send?

A: Please only send the number of photos you want included in the book. If you send more photos than you ordered for the book, I will choose among them the ones I think fit best.

Q: How long does it take to design the pages?

A: Once I receive your photos, I will send you a design to review within 1-2 weeks. If you have changes I will send you a second draft. When you are happy with the design, I will begin building the book. IMPORTANT: Design only begins once I receive your photos.

Q: How long does it take to receive my book?

A: Production begins once you have approved the design. Because the books are made from scratch it does take time to build them. Average is 3-4 weeks. At busy times of the year, it may take longer. Make sure to inform me if you have an important anniversary or holiday you are planning the album for. IMPORTANT: Production only begins once you have approved your design.

Q: Can I use photos from a professional photographer I hired?

A: If your agreement with the photographer includes rights to use the photos for printed products like this, then yes. If you are unsure, I will contact the photographer to ask their policy. It is important that copyrights are respected. 

Q: Does the name stamping on the cover of the books come in other colors?

A: Silver, 22k gold, black, and blind stamping are available (blind stamping means no color at all). Each album has a standard color that best applies to it but you are welcome to request something different.

Q: Are there other colors of leather or book cloth?

A: Yes, if you’re looking for a certain color then often I can make it happen. There may be a special order fee but I won't charge anything more than the supplier charges me.

Q: Are the bookcloths made with real silk?

A: No, genuine silk is extremely expensive. Silk is a term commonly used for these cloths because many of them have a pearlescent sheen when placed in the light. They are plant-based cloths and they are very pretty.

Q: How should I care for the album?

A: Several important things: 1) No sun. Sun fades color. Find a place away from bright windows. 2) No babies or dogs. Cats generally ignore books that aren’t about cats. 3) No attics or garages. The temperature and humidity changes can make books stretch and curl. 4) No fingerprints on the pages. Fingers have natural oils and acids on them that photos don’t like. Turn the pages from the edges. 5) Store the book closed in its box and flat on the shelf (not standing upright). This lets gravity support the album instead of pull on it, and keeps dust and light away from the pages, ensuring the inks retain their archival nature.