Our Album – 24,000 words later

Often in emails I’ll refer to us or we instead of myself in the singular. “We” includes my wife and business partner Cassandra. While I’m more often in the shop working on albums, Cassie is the administrative power behind the scenes. We tend to make decisions together. She reigns in my more arteesty flights of fancy and keeps me pointed at the big picture. She also has two masters degrees and juggles me with raising a baby.

Leading to another question often asked, here are a few shots of our own primary wedding album. I say primary because we have several. I sometimes do prototypes by making us another wedding album.

This is an 11×14″ vertical, printed on photo rag satin paper, with a sapele wood cover. The spine was sterling leather using a one-off mixture of blue with evergreen, meant to match the green in Cassie’s wedding dress. Sterling leather with certain colors like the evergreen sometimes produces a marbled pattern which I adore. Finished in 22k gold title stamping.

A sapele wood wedding album with custom green leather spine.

A sapele wood wedding album.

Cassie and Mike's wedding album

A close up of the corners of the cover. We don’t just finish the top surface of the album. Every edge is covered in sapele.

Black page core substrate.

The box was done in three-quarter binding, where the spine and corners are in a terra cotta goat leather matched to a Cavallini decorative paper.

A custom solander box in terra cotta leather with decorative paper.

The end-pages of the albums also featured this Cavallini decorative paper, a pattern of French postcards. Cassie and I wrote to each other before we ever met – collectively 24,000 words in the span of a week – and so the postcard theme was meant to commemorate that part of our early relationship.

Decorative paper end pages on a wedding album and its solander box.

Wedding photographs by the ever-talented Bronson Pate of Bauman Photographers.

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